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dedicated to helping people live a healthier lifestyle through better sleep.

OMMAGE is all about healthy sleep.  We are a direct to consumer bedding brand. In other words, our customers purchase from us – the ones who design and manufacture their mattresses, pillows, and other sleep products. At OMMAGE we design healthy, clean, and safe sleep products for health conscious families all over the world. Our focus is on consumers who are passionate and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. As founder and president of OMMAGE SLEEP, I am dedicated to the highest quality products, made with the highest quality materials, sold at the best possible price for each consumer. I have been an executive in the bedding business for almost 2 decades, working exclusively with sleep products made of Latex. I have had the opportunity to visit rubber plantations to learn how latex rubber is harvested, and I have collaborated with leading sleep experts around the world. I frequently visit customers, vendors, and retailers which aids in my understanding of each facet of the latex bedding market. This experience and partnership with the most competitive latex companies in the market, are the key reasons why I am considered a leading expert of manufacturing and selling latex bedding products. For our customers, this means innovative designs, the highest standards for each of our products, and luxurious, healthy, affordable sleep.


Tomas Eisenberg, Founder and President of OMMAGE SLEEP



The name “Ommage Sleep”pronounced (Om – mahj) is a combination of the word/sound ‘Om’ and the word ‘homage’;‘om’ – a Sanskrit word meaning deep sleep and fulfillment as well as awakening the senses, and ‘homage’ meaning respect and reverence.

We feel this word matches our belief in the important balance between good sleep and overall health.

At OMMAGE, we love our health-conscious consumers. We know those individuals who are passionate about the highest quality of life are also looking for quality sleep products. One cannot achieve their dreams of a healthy lifestyle without healthy sleep. OMMAGE products are designed for healthy sleep with the highest quality, natural materials for consumers who value both.

Thank you for considering our company.

We’d love to talk with you. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our products.

About The Founder, Tomas Eisenberg

I began OMMAGE SLEEP because I believe in the benefits of Natural Latex Bedding for healthy sleep. I have spent much of my career working for the World’s Leading Talalay Latex Manufacturer. I Have extensive experience in design, manufacturing, and marketing Latex Sleep Products for retailers around the world. Since the  inception of OMMAGE SLEEP, I have been true to my belief in and respect for innovative designs, quality, natural materials, the highest manufacturing standards, and luxurious, healthy, affordable sleep.

My experience has been thorough and led me to be passionate  and expert about my own direct to consumer company and OMMAGE SLEEP products. During my career  I have managed the international supply chain; sourcing from latex plantations and latex factories in Central America, Africa And Southeast Asia. I have been fortunate to serve as a Senior Team Leader with the merger and acquisition of a U.K Competitor in the industry.  I have also had the privilege of developing sales and marketing strategies across all major international markets including China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and most of South America. This extensive experience has allowed me to become one of the Leading Experts Of Latex Bedding throughout the world.

OMMAGE SLEEP is the byproduct of all that experience and reflects my own, personal core values of health, well-being, balance, and family. Our products are made by and for people like me who believe life is meant to be lived, and that honesty, hard-work, and quality are important practices for a good business and a great life. OMMAGE SLEEP is a family business. Our whole family sleeps on our luxurious, natural latex sleep products. Our products are tested on and created with the help of extended family and friends.  I am proud of our whole line of OMMAGE SLEEP products and I stand behind each one.


Tomas Eisenberg, Founder and President of OMMAGE SLEEP

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