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Back to School for Kids and the Importance of Sleep

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This is a busy time of the year for parents and kids as they prepare to go back to school in September! You have a lot to look forward too. You get to feel the cool breeze of the fall season and wait in long lines at Staples to buy that composition notebook for kid’s English class. This is what makes parenting so special! The new school year brings a lot of changes for kids and their families as everyone adjusts to from summer vacation to the new school year.
Parents get back into the groove of preparing lunches (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches), waking up earlier to get the kid’s ready, and sending them off to school. With everything that goes on during a school year, one of the most overlooked activities is making sure that the kids are getting a good night sleep.
Change of Schedule: Summer Vacation and School Hours

The change of schedule from summer vacation with few responsibilities to the discipline of attending class and scheduling homework can potentially be a difficult aspect of returning after the break. Sleep schedules change and it can take time to become accustomed to the new routine. Staying up late during the summer wasn’t difficult because there was plenty of time to sleep late and take naps but during the school year it isn’t always possible to make up for lost sleep.

How to Assure Enough Sleep

The best way to assure enough sleep isn’t always practical for students. It is, however, to maintain a set bedtime with eight hours scheduled to rest. Projects are due throughout the semester, and exams are known for all night study sessions. Although eight hours of scheduled sleep is best, the next best solution is to plan ahead for study time, social time, and assure eight hours of sleep is fit in each day.

What Happens with Too Little Sleep

When a student doesn’t get enough sleep, the effects multiply exponentially. Because lack of sleep causes a lack of concentration, papers and studies take longer to complete, leading to less time for sleep. It’s easier to stay caught up with each class than to get caught up. Once behind in a class, the daily lessons aren’t as efficient because the student doesn’t have the information they need to understand the class lesson. The homework becomes more difficult because the student has to learn the material on their own without the benefit of having learned it in class. Grades begin to drop and the student loses motivation as they begin to feel overwhelmed, meaning they lose even more sleep time to increased study hours in an attempt to simply make it through the class rather than excel.

Tips for Getting a Great Night’s Sleep
There are solutions to assure students get a great night’s sleep and assure their success. Having friends who place an emphasis on studies while understanding the importance of getting enough rest. Having a consistent schedule to keep your child on track with all of their activities. Having a dark, quiet room at night for set sleeping hours is important. A great mattress is always helpful not only toward getting great sleep at night, but also for catching up with naps in the afternoon as needed.
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